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Google Keyword Tool (tutorial)

Nigeria Keyword Research
Staff Crown I
Posts: 4
760 days ago
Though I liked the "old" variant of Google`s keyword tool much more, the actual keyword tool still makes its job.
Google Keyword Tool

Its free, and shows objective results, Nigeria can be set as targeting country;
All you need is a free Google account ( and connect it with Google Adwords.

How to use the Google Keyword Tool:

The image is scaled. Click to see the original.

Here you see the Adwords Panel and be redirected to tools/keyword planner
The image is scaled. Click to see the original.

Choose your options like product/service(Topic of you site/blog),
landing page if you have one already- can also be empty,
search engine (chose Google for the first - search partners is a more complex topic for later)
define negative keywords (may be relevant to your topic, but for some reason you can exclude them)
Filter options can be left behind for the first
And "get ideas"

The result page gives you keyword ideas to your topic and the search volume
Learn to read the statistics and to use the filter/sorting.
Relevant options are "Ad group ideas" where the tool suggests you groups of keywords and its price/volume
and "keyword ideas" for specific keywords
The image is scaled. Click to see the original.

at the top you can add additional keywords/groups of keywords seperated by commas and "get ideas" again or modify the partameters of your search ("Modify Search").

Thats about the usage of the Google Keyword tool, as simple as it is.

More difficult it is to be able to read and interpret the information like

search graph - how did the keyword develop over time

search volume - how many people search for the terms (is it worth to write about a topic, how much potential does a topic have...)

competition - how popular is the keyword/phrase;
competion from Adwords point of view is good for us, what means a lot of Advertisers buy clicks from us, but also a lot of publishers (wenmaster/blogger) may work with that keywords already

costs(suggested bid) - how expensive is a click of that definate keyword (it is what Advertisers have to pay Google, not what we get for a click - minus 20-30% is approximately what we get for a click then.
the "rest" of the information for us webmasters and bloggers is useless unless we buy ads to promote our services...
The tool was made for Advertisers and webmasters (the "other side") just use it to find profitable keywords and and estimation of the search volume.
Good success!
Edited: 7 time (Last: 04 06 2014 at 12:32)
Posts: 15
2115 days ago
Thank you for the tutorial, Chris! Just a couple of words to this:
define negative keywords (may be relevant to your topic, but for some reason you can exclude them)
They can be used to to specify your audience group more precisely. For example, you are going to make a site about notebooks, but you are not going to sell them. Then define the word "buy" as negative.
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