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HomeForumWebdesign & UsabilityMenu Type: Horizontal or Vertical?

Menu Type: Horizontal or Vertical?

what kind (position) of menu did you i decide for?
Posts: 5
Hello, webmasters and web mistresses! music What menu do you have on your sites - vertical in a sidebar or horizontal on the top? Which is more effective in your opinion (has s higher ctr) and why?
Posts: 15
1912 days ago
I have a horizontal menu everywhere and it's great, user-friendly and modern - I love it!
Staff Crown I
Posts: 4
557 days ago
subjective smile
there is no perfect menu
for some sites horizontal menu may be better, for others vertical.
What matters is usability and design glasses
Edited: 1 time (Last: 15 03 2014 at 23:55)
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