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1874 days ago
Thank you for the tutorial, Chris! Just a couple of words to this: Chris:define negative keywords (may be relevant to your topic, but for some reason you can exclude them) They can be used to to speci
1874 days ago
You are welcome to promote your services here, it fits to our topic. Would be beneficial for our visitors if you also provide a link for further details and some of your works/portfolio good succe
1942 days ago
Alexia is ancient Had the toolbar installed once and used it to "push" some of my sites. (statistics were made by people who had the toolbar installed and they estimation was a joke, in
1954 days ago
Vita added Post in thread Ranking Check Software:
One more way to check a keyword ranking - Chrome extension SEO SERP. Just for a quick mini-check, not a mass check. Type in your keyword, domain name and click to Submit. The image is scaled. Clic
1955 days ago
Vita added Post in thread Ranking Check Software:
I use this one: It's super! You can download and use the program for free as long as you don't have more than 15 keywords to check. Otherwise it costs 4,070.21 NGN.
1955 days ago
1. No, it doesn't "boosts your ranking in Bing or Yahoo"! 2. You can push the Alexa ranking just by pushing you site traffic, as fas as I know. Why is it important? I don't care my alexa r
1955 days ago
I have a horizontal menu everywhere and it's great, user-friendly and modern - I love it!
1955 days ago
Hi, there are many free templates, but depends what theme you need (bright, fluid, business, etc). I'll send you a couple of links by PM now)
1955 days ago
I am buying arount 2-3 per month now and find it ok. Up to 5 links I don't see any risk.
1955 days ago
Sounds pretty familiar)) I had the same problem but Chris could solve it with the help of chrone. It's perfect now - light and fast!
1955 days ago
I am publishing 3 times a week now, but at the beginning ot was just once aweek or seldomer. The traffic number is growing much faster now! So the oftener the better, be sure.
1964 days ago
subjective there is no perfect menu for some sites horizontal menu may be better, for others vertical. What matters is usability and design
1973 days ago
Deyeya added Post in thread Alt Tag in the Images:
My experience tells me don’t forget about synonyms. Google has already learnt conceiving them well and using similar words will help you to avoid on-page spam. For example you have the main keyword in
1974 days ago
It's very difficult to get there, I have tried twice - waste of time. I hear you can become an editor in your category to increase the chance.
1974 days ago
I know voguepay offers an Affiliate Program.
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