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SEO Analyses

Published: 2304 days ago (15 03 2014)
A Blog: SEOja
Category: Naijaweb
Edited: 6 time — last 04 04 2014
Mood: hopeful
Votes: 3
The meaning of a blog, originally, was to write about happenings, experiences and personal thoughts.

So this is NaijaWeb`s blog about development of the site.

Planned official launch was the 15. of march 2014.
To prevent content scrapping (copying of content) we put the site online silently (no backlinks, just entry in google) to get it indexed
on the 12./13. of march.
The main pages linked in the menu were indexed surprisingly fast, after some sleep even the first articles appeared in the search.
(One of the things I really love in this business is, that it goes on while I`m sleeping)

First SEO analyses

on the first day (15. of march):
We rank - but very low. With intent, we didnt focus on any onpage SEO yet - there was a lot of content to make, functionality to test...
So while vita is adding and optimizing titles and describtions, I`m analysing our main keywords positions.
The first challenge here is to find a tool (among hundreds), with the option for "", to check the rankings (positions) in Nigerian Internet.
I found some, but the information provided doesn't look reliable (compared with my incognito mode+proxy), so I will post some links in the tools category after testing.
Comments (5)
Vita # 15 03 2014 at 22:16 0
Thank you. I've just got an idea. I will make SEO experiments here under this project and share the results with the community members!
The first one will concern keyword density.
abadom # 15 03 2014 at 22:21 +1
I love seo experiments, looking forward to your results! ;-) What comes next?...
Chris # 15 03 2014 at 23:37 +1
omg Vita...
seo experiments on a live site.
too low - no ranking
too high - penalty
stay below 5% plz: smile
Vita # 16 03 2014 at 13:29 0
I'm not going to make them on the site, but in a special category. Every experimental article group will be deleted afterwards. This is a normal case for SEO blogs.
Chris # 04 04 2014 at 23:34 0
How is your experiment going?
I`m still waiting for the backlinks to be indexed...