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Choosing an Affiliate Program: How-To for Webmasters and Bloggers

17 03 2014 - Vita

Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate programs... I assume you have already learnt what they are. If not, take a look at this article – there is a clear explanation there. What are the things to take into consideration before you choose an affiliate program? What are my tips?

Affiliate Program Trust

It is important for website or blog monetisation in general, not only for affiliate systems. The program you choose for you site can promise you much, but remember to check how long they are on the market and what the partners’ feedback is. No, a young program without any reviews doesn’t necessarily mean “bad”, but you shouldn’t fill you whole website or blog with their links before you check their reputation. Another way to try them is to place products simultaneously – diversify your existing links with new ones.

Relevance to your Website

Don’t try to sell kitchen chairs on your website about electronics and PCs. Your target audience must be interested in exactly what you offer them. The closer the correspondence “user-goods” is, the more sales you will generate. I am generally successful in using affiliate programs (shops) on my 2 women’s sites. What do you think my feminine website visitors buy on these websites? Right, clothes and shoes! 

Affiliate Program Payment Conditions

This part is important too, as you could guess. First of all, check in what way you will get your earned commission fees (bank, check, electronic money, etc). Secondly, study the commission rates which various advertisers pay to affiliates. High rates do not always imply a “great deal”, as some shops/advertisers pay high commission rates for the reason of high prices in the shop. You will get good rates for selling the goods seldom (or not selling at all, depends on how rich your target audience is). As contrasted to it, you could sell cheaper things more often, and therefore earn more money from lower commission rates.


Diversification means, you should not focus on one or two shops once you chose it/them. Diversifying programs and not only them involves diversifying and ensuring income sources. For instance, different websites (ideally, different target groups), different languages or even different target markets can minify the risks. I have just experienced myself, how a political situation in my target audience country can influence my earnings from affiliate systems. People may still have money, but no economic insecurity, and they put their money aside, rather than buy anything now. Believe it or not, politics and economics can low earnings (from undifferentiated affiliate programs) from N to zero.

That’s it for a start. If more ideas occur to me, I will add them to this article. I will also write more general advice about affiliate systems later, check back soon!

What about your experience with affiliate programs? Do you have anything to share with us and to comment?

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