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Best Ways of Monetising a Website

27 02 2014 - Chris
When you have an established online presence and “enough” visitors, you can think about monetising it. There are three most common scam-free ways to do that.

The Three Basic Online Advertising Methods

They all have pros and cons and ideally (after some time) you will use all three simultaneously.

I will give just a short overview of the popular systems; the options are countless in any of them.

Online Banners are the Classic Ads

Payment is made per time period, per view or click.
Context sensitive text and/or image ads are in Google’s power. There are others, but Google brought it close to perfection: individual advertisement for every user, automatically generated, counted and paid out. We have been using Adsense since years on our sites and consider it the most convenient and reliable choice. Other providers have a higher rate maybe, but what does it help, when they can’t find enough Advertiser, i.e. have too low budgets or trust. 
Everyone with a Google mail ( address can make a Google Adsense account. Be aware of buying/selling Accounts or breaking the rules, Google shows no mercy for cheaters/scammers. Once you are banned by Google, there’s no way back, remember it if you are planning a serious business.
Anyway you can’t get rich ONLY from a click price (CPC) of some cents unless you have millions of visitors per day (possible but pretty unlikely).

Affiliate Systems

- are the premium variant of monetising.
You promote a shop via Banners/links and get commission for the sales you generate.
Common rates are 8%-25% of sales. This income source is more profitable than usual ads, but it is rather unstable.
There are many scam artists on the market, who don’t track fairly, loose data and whatever. You cannot prove the sales you generate exactly; therefore it is hard to find a reliable, decent partner.
Some shops in Nigeria have already used affiliate systems, but the market is too young to find trustable information. There are international enterprises where you can check the offers for Nigeria. In my opinion, you should have at least one thousand visitors per day (stable, real traffic), before an affiliate system gets profitable.  
The third quota of income comes from

Direct Marketing

It will take a long time, till you will find advertisers. In this case you get paid for a definite banner/text ad placement over a period of time.
Either you are a marketing expert or you would need at least several thousands of visitors/day (what means, you won’t likely drop the business after some weeks and you must have a good reputation) to find a partner.

How much can I earn with online ads?

Depends.  But just to get a rough idea – our sites bring us three to five € (Euro) per thousand visitors per day.
How many visitors can a blog/site have? Zero to millions, and here is the point.
What I personally like about this business model, is that there are no limits except one’s mind and own possibilities.
Last but not least, you need a payment system to get your money in cash.
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