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Your First Own Blog

26 02 2014 - Vita
Everyone who can read this article and has the ability to type, can make a website or a blog!
Professional web developers may laugh reading it, but I will show and prove it in that series of articles.
My number one intention for NaijaWeb was to gather not only advanced webmasters but also the beginners, and to show them that everybody who was interested and motivated could make his own website/blog.
You don’t know what is html, scripting, seo?
Doesn’t matter, you will learn what is needed and when it is needed!
Do you like reading and writing? 
If no – sorry, forget about it.
Fortunately not even special hardware is necessary anymore nowadays. No Desktop PC, laptop, notebook, netbook.  Already a good tablet with internet access can serve you. Maybe even a Smartphone if you are patient enough
But whatever device you use, be sure it is safe and free from viruses/malware.
Antivirus-software you get for free, use any trusted you like, but use just one at a time.
That’s it, you will learn the rest in due time. 
To get some background, you can read about How to become a webmaster or blogger.
Or start your own blog right now.

Let’s Start a Blog Now! (The Easy Way for Beginners)

Here on NaijaWeb we offer you a free blogging system.
We are no hosting provider and we don’t sell anything, the idea is just to give you the chance to learn and train here. This is your benefit, ours is an active friendly community.
New users may register with a valid email. (google for free webmail or I would suggest
If you have a free account with us, just go to your own blog (My Blog) at the top of this page and start Blogging.

Blog Title 

Choose an orinal title for your blog.

Blog Type (Personal for a Start)

When you are involved in the community and are an active member, you can create a collective blog with friends, or a club blog. It is a kind of team blogging where you support each other and share your common points of view.

Show Blog

Here you can define, who is allowed to see your blog. Maybe you show it to your friends only — you decide!
On the next page, you make a “new post” or create a category, to sort your posts out.
  • You may add photos to you blog post (1 click upload), space enough.
  • No worry, everything can be changed or corrected later.
  • There is no false or right — every blogger has his own style 
  • Just no blaming/affronting other people please.
  • Do what you wish and enjoy blogging!
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