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Why to Become a Webmaster

22 03 2014 - Chris

 It is not so difficult anymore to become a webmaster, like I showed in the articles on articles/web-design-development

Why do I think it is good to become a webmaster or blogger?

  • Self-determinated working time
  • Performance-orientated payment
  • Independend work
  • No daily travel to the office/working place


Those points may be a plus for people who like to be independent and are able to arrange themselves to new circumstances and also can work autonomous. And you should keep in mind,
that "self-determinated working time" means you must be disciplined and sometimes you may work  longer than a day is. On the other hand, there a days or even weeks where you earn your money without doing anything.
Having a business means either to found a company with suitable assets and resources, or if you don`t have that financial background you start as 
self employed person, freelancer, sole trader or any other business model which is appropriate.

Of  course, for earning some cents with you fun-blog, you don`t need to found a corporation, corporate enterprise...
But hopefully sooner or later your blog/site will become popular and known to a wide audiance, then you may need to think about taxes, laws, security, accounting and the various other aspects of a business.
Most of them have nothing to do with your "real business" of beeing a blogger/webmaster, I just need to state some negative aspects of having a own business before you get to enthusiastic.

It  may be a long way but the goal is, to get up in the morning or a time which is convinient for  you  and to switch on your internet device for checking emails, messages and statistics.
(my favourite is to check how much we earned last night while sleeping)

Reasons to become a professional webmaster/blogger:

  • To start working while having breakfast, without leaving home and sitting in overcrowded busses, complaining about the lack of parkings..
  • To define the tasks of the day on your own
  • To have a break, whenever wanted or needed
  • To enjoy what you are doing - what brings success automatically
  • To be your own boss, maybe to have some partners/friends who are involved in your business, you decide!
  • To earn enough to have a good life, maybe even more

I hope I could give you some motivation or at least helpful suggestions, what makes this "job" so interesting. You may think, it cant be as easy as I write here on NaijaWeb.
Nothing in business is easy, but when you face the challenges and dont give up (like around 90% of all bloggers and webmasters do in the first year),
you will have success!

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