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Webmaster: a Job or a Well-Paid Hobby

27 02 2014 - Chris
In order to understand the essence of the “internet industry” read the article “The Professional Way to Become a Webmaster”.
First we (try to) define what a webmaster is:
The master of web, he he... yes, his own tiny part of the global web, what means a definite website/blog/forum or maybe network.
We can accept the definition in Wikipedia for deeper understanding.
In practice you don’t need html, css, php or whatever skills nowadays!
Web 2.0 is not the internet of usual websites and platforms anymore; today you have a cms. You write your articles/texts in a simple text editor like WordPad, MS-Word or any other.
Some of them are even web-based without installation, uploads, hosting...
Another way is to use a platform for bloggers or social media pages; here you don’t need any hosting or internet skills.
You should be able to write texts which you must learn.
Of course, you should know what hosting, html and scripting, on-page and off-page optimization, SEO, ranking, algorithms, markets mean...
But step by step, not everything at once!
Create content, what means articles/texts, publish them on a reliable, trusted hosting.
Later you will think about the design of your website/blog, then you will decide on search engine optimization (SEO) and a variety of other things but at that time you will have some experience to understand everything step by step. You will regret some things, you will possibly fail from time to time, but what counts is that you did it!
Some personal words:
Our first website brought us a lot of fun and experience, but no money. 
The second site: first year € 0,xx-xx/month, second year € xx/month, third year € xxx/month - just enough to live from it and to leave the regular job to make more sites. These sites' income grows by more than 300% per year and feeds our family now, while we are focusing on new projects and still inventing new ideas.
Of course, you can invest more time or maybe even some money, so your site will grow much faster, but keep in mind: this is not a job where you get paid every month just for spending your time, it is business. First you work “for free”.
Work hard, learn, don’t give up, be patient, and most important thing: never surrender!
These secrets will help you reach the goals which are in fact more significant than money. Internet technology is fast, but business takes time, and confidence must be deserved.
Good Luck! 
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