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13 04 2014 - Chris

Though the internet is global, there is at least one address/community for local Webmasters in any country. Due to the fact that the Nigerian Net (.ng and targeted domains like is relatively young, it may be just too early for such a community. But after having a look around nairaland, the only mentionable internet forum in Nigeria (which is .com and not .ng by the way), I found a lot of threads about similar projects over the last years. And most of them have one thing in common: they are either dead or just "404" (which means simply "not found", because of hosting, deleted pages, or closed project/ unpaid domain).


  1. So up to now, the only active site for Webmasters in Nigeria is the "Webmasters" category on nairaland. Without any doubt, nairaland forum is a very strong domain because it already exists for a long time. Webmasters just use it for promotion and leaving backlinks, like we did too (A good manner is to link/mention it in reply).
    As we can see on the threads there, there is broad variation of topics and questions, like it is in a non-specialised forum. What is really interesting, is the "Joomla Free training on Nairaland live", the thread has a good potential and is still active.

    Just the statistics are poor, in my opinion:
    quote:"784 posts & 23865 views"
    More than twenty thousand views (in nearly seven months) are good, but just 784 posts...

    The views show me, that many people might be interested in this topic, but just relatively few have questions/write there. Of course, a Forum is not the right place for discussions with a big audience and it can get confusing, when more people post there. I will bookmark it and have a look later, but now back to the topic.
  2. There are also a couple of so-called Nigerian webmaster forums within other forums, but the admins post there themselves, using various fake nicknames; there's no real webmaster communication on these forums, they are dead as communities.

Why is There No "Real" Webmaster Community in Nigeria?

There are not so many webmasters yet, but there is a community. The problem might be it is scattered over several platforms/social networks.
While I'm trying to figure it out, the positions of NaijaWeb are growing and hopefully we can build up an active community soon.

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