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The Professional (Practical) Way to Become a Webmaster/Blogger

18 03 2014 - Chris

Learning by doing. Beside the other variants of becoming a webmaster, this is the way, which many (if not most) successful webmasters and bloggers chose.

Basic education and maybe some internet skills are enough to become a professional webmaster.

A “real” PC or an average notebook is necessary, because you would need to install a local server and developing tools on it.

Don’t be afraid, sounds harder than it is.

Set up a Site Locally

Depending on your system there are various free solutions (software) for setting up a local server.

  • Lamp for Linux based systems (similar to most “real” servers)
  • Wamp and Xampp are the most popular ones for the Windows Systems, and there are also some analogues for apple.

Either you go the very hard way to learn html, css and maybe php, javascript and build your custom site, or you use a WYSIWYG editor. (What You See Is What You Get) – no coding needed, simple text input generates the code for you - various software out there, many good ones are even free.

The more actual variant is to use a CMS.

CMSs (Content Management Systems) became very popular in the last years. Find a system, which meets your expectations in design, usability and features (the most common used solution in the last few years). Install it on your local server, try, learn and adjust it to your needs. After a couple of hours reading and learning, you will have your own internet project, locally at first.

Put the Website Online

Find a reliable, well known and established (at least 2-3 years, I would say) web hosting provider and buy a domain name for you site. It does not matter, where the hoster is situated; we have many sites hosted in different countries for various targeted areas. The internet is global! 

Payment and legal conditions are important. If your local provider meets the requirements, great – if not, find another solution. The world is large and there is always an alternative.

As to the costs, compare, they may differ a lot.

It was a long way till here. If you work hard and follow the steps on, you can become a successful webmaster/blogger. Experience comes in time.

Imagine your site online after that and that you have content, which brings you users.

Now it is time to make money

How did you become a webmaster? You are welcome to tell your stories! 

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