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Are you going to make a blog or website and need background information about the topic? No worries, with us, you can easily become a webmaster! All you need at the beginning is to register on NaijaWeb and ask your first questions on our forum. Nigerian webmaster community NaijaWeb has been created for beginners as well as professionals. We are here to help each other and share our experience in SEO and other webmaster stuff in personal or collective blogs, discuss new internet trends, bring fresh ideas, etc...
Here you have the best opportunities for development, group promotion and rewarding with graphic medals and real perks, like free web hosting space and others. Get involved!
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The Nigerian Webmaster does not Exist?

After some research in and other search engines, it looks like:-)
We created NaijaWeb with the intention of providing a platform for Nigerian Webmasters and (specially) those who want to become one.
Up to now, there is no "real" Webmaster Community or platform, where Webmasters of Nigeria share their experience, get ideas and help each other.

13 04 2014 - Chris | Read more... | 0 comments | 6760 views

The dream job is to work from home, isn`t it?
Having an internet business is one of these few opportunities.To be more exact: beeing a webmaster or blogger;
The following article will specify the current aspects of beeing a professional blogger/webmaster...

22 03 2014 - Chris | Read more... | 0 comments | 3757 views

You know, a professional is not the one who studies only; the professional is the one who also has experience. This concerns webmasters too.

18 03 2014 - Chris | Read more... | 0 comments | 4016 views

It is easier than you may think but it is still work like any other job, if you keep it in mind, you can be a successful webmaster/blogger. At first nearly every successful private blog/site started as hobby -for fun. Sooner or later they recognized the potential of that “hobby” and how to make it profitable, and at that point, just writing some thoughts or ideas in the blog is not enough anymore.

27 02 2014 - Chris | Read more... | 0 comments | 2819 views

The following tips are for people who want to learn, work and later — earn money with a website or a blog without spending money in the beginning!

27 02 2014 - Chris | Read more... | 0 comments | 1889 views
Would you like to have a blog or a classic website or maybe a social network?
When you read the article “How to become a webmaster” you will think about what kind of platform to make, here are some thoughts and ideas which may help you to decide.
27 02 2014 - Chris | Read more... | 0 comments | 1021 view
Everyone who can read this article and has the ability to type, can make a website or a blog!
Professional web developers may laugh reading it, but I will show and prove it in that series of articles.
My number one intention for NaijaWeb was to gather not only advanced webmasters but also the beginners, and to show them that everybody who was interested and motivated could make his own website/blog.
26 02 2014 - Vita | Read more... | 0 comments | 1097 views