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Internet Marketing (Online Marketing) Overview

28 02 2014 - Chris
As a webmaster you don’t need to be a marketing expert, but some basics should be kept in mind.

Advertising as a Part of Marketing

Starting from links in communities and on websites, through banner exchange to paid adverts, the options are numerous. Article Monetising a website or blog covers most common advertising ways.

Internet Branding or E-Branding = Creating a “Label”

Your blog should not be just a site; ideally people should recognize your blog as a brand (brand awareness). For webmasters it means to have an easy to remember/to spell domain name and a rememberable logo (can be just a name or domain name sign) for the beginning.
You could be involved in the community, what means have contact to other site owners, webmasters and comment articles on other websites and blogs, share links and info in forums, give interviews other webmasters and publish PR-articles for your sites. Online classifieds, website directories and article directories also contribute to branding.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM means, you buy the results from the search engine (paid links in the search), for example.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO itself is also a meaningful part of internet marketing activities, as a good ranking (higher position in the search engines) brings even more visitors a longer time than a TV spot does normally. 
It is divided into:

Internal SEO

 – good unique content (copying texts without naming the source is illegal or at least unethical, and search engines may penalise your site), a good usability, loading time (speed, what means good hosting) and the internal linking structure, tags, metadata and many other things.

External SEO 

– mainly the links to the site/page (backlinks); a sharp edge between a positive and negative impact (spam can lead to a penalty in the worst case). This is the only part of my work, which I don’t like so much. 

Social Media Marketing

Winning traffic from those sites (fb, twitter...) to your website is also a part of success.

Affiliate Marketing

This means a referral system, where advertisers/sellers share their profit (commission fee) with partners, who bring new users (referrers) or generate sales. It can be one source of income, but you can also use it to promote your sites.

And last but not least 

Analytics and Controlling: Statistic tools track and count the visitors of your website or blog and their behaviour. It is important to know where they came from and where/when they left your site. Using this information you analyse, what the visitors like (on what page they stayed longer) and what they don’t like (which ones they closed at once).
We will cover statistic tools in detail in the next article.
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