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HomeArticlesHosting & DomainsWeb Hosting and Domains: What Should Beginners Know?

Web Hosting and Domains: What Should Beginners Know?

27 02 2014 - Chris
First of all, we will divide the types of Web Hosting into free hosting and paid hosting.

Free Web Hosting Providers with Publishing Tools (CMS also included)

There are a lot of networks for bloggers, but there are some for websites too.
What are the bright sides?
  • No risk
  • No costs
  • On a moderate platform, you don’t need any scripting/programming skills (Publishing tools included)
  • No installation, no special software needed (for example, no FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Disadvantages of free hosting
  • Less profit (limited options to monetize)
  • Limitations like domain name, allowed ads, capacity, traffic...
  • Limited software
  • No access to the code (you can't customize your blog/site to your needs)

Free Hosting Without Publishing Tools

Nearly every hosting company provides a free hosting package for promotion or just to demonstrate their service. It is the classic way to publish your web project, which you prepared offline.
You get free web space and nothing else, good to test and learn how to publish your website or blog; no matter what kind of technology you use (html or cms).
  • + No risks
  • + No costs
  • + You a free to choose your platform software/technology
  • + Upgrades to better packages possible (check beforehand), if your project gets successful
  • - Less profit (limited options to monetize)
  • - Limitations, like domain name, allowed ads, capacity, traffic...
  • - Basic skills in web development are required 

Paid Hosting Service

If there are so many “free” opportunities, why shall I pay for that service?
Free doesn’t imply bad, but for sure you will have limitations: either the hoster puts his advertisements on your project and limits your options in advertising or cuts your space/traffic/bandwidth off in most cases.
So if you want a big project without limitations, you will probably decide to pay for reliable service. If the hoster runs out of resources, whose sites will go down first? – The free ones, of course. In case your paid service goes down, you stop paying or change to another provider.

Main Parameters in Web Hosting


99% uptime sounds much, but that means more than three days per year offtime admitted. 
In three days, a good site`s income is higher than the annual costs for a moderate hosting.
100% is (nearly) impossible; these solutions are overkill for a start project
99.9x% is the compromise, in my opinion; at a moderate cost, some hours downtime per year for services/hardware changes must be accepted.

Web Space

The same as on your local device, web space is the disc space on a server.
Good offers? Depends...
Some sites just need a few Megabytes (MB). A heavy CMS can use up to several Gigabytes.
Just compare the offers - the more the better.


- don't mix it up with bandwidth!
Traffic is the amount (volume) of data which is transferred to and from the server.
The more the better.


The “speed” of the server`s internet connection: The more users (website traffic) you have, the heavier the data on your site is, the more bandwidth should be available. Slow loading speed means either the user has low bandwidth at his device, or the servers can’t handle all the connections at once.
The more the better.


Here the offers vary, some include domains in their hosting packages, some not, try to find a suitable package for yourself. Important are the yearly costs. There can also be a setup fee to pay for some tlds.


In course of time this criterion gets more and more important. If you don’t have the budget, service is expensive. Once you have a higher cash flow, service will save you a lot of money and trouble. Ask yourself why some providers are terribly cheap whilst others have a good reputation. 
Hosting is the most important topic for webmasters/site owners and bloggers. Choose among trusted companies wisely and be sure to have an option to upgrade: you can move to another hoster if you are not satisfied, but that will cost money and time every time you do it.
I hope this article gave you a simple overview, though it did not cover any details.

Comments (2)
0 # 26 02 2014 at 19:42 +1
Thank you, Chris! I will contact you here when I choose my hoster, if it's ok for you. smile
Chris # 05 03 2014 at 12:39 +2
you are welcome